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Paint Protection & Restoration in Perth WA from Clear Renew

At Clear Renew, we offer efficient, cost-effective paint restoration services with outstanding results every time. From cars and boats to commercial properties and signage, our revolutionary Vivilon product range can bring your painted surfaces back to their former glory while ensuring long-lasting protection.

Harsh Australian sunlight can take a heavy toll on paintwork, making it dull and faded even within a couple of years. While buffing and other treatments can provide a temporary fix, they will actually damage your paintwork in the long run. At Clear Renew we add an extra layer of protection to your paint work while providing a lustrous high-gloss finish that will last for years.

If you want to avoid the expense of respraying or repainting we can bring your paintwork back to its original colour while removing any blemishes or faded patches. Contact us today to find out how we can make anything old look new again.

Automotive & Car

Of all our possessions, vehicles endure the most wear and tear, especially if they are out in the open for long periods of time. Scratches, chips and strong sunlight can quickly age a vehicle, making the paintwork dull and unattractive. Many products and services offer a quick fix by buffing and polishing. While the immediate results can be impressive, the colour fades fast. Many of these products actually cut into the protective clear coat on your vehicle’s paintwork, making it even more susceptible to the elements.

Our revolutionary products don’t cut into your paintwork’s protective layer. In fact, they do the opposite. With Vivilon wipe on or spray on products you are actually adding an extra protective layer to the existing surface. We don’t just make your vehicle look new again, we add a high-gloss coating that looks fantastic and minimises the risk of further fading and damage.

Our auto paint protection and surface restoration services ensure your vehicle’s paintwork will be extremely resistant to scratches, chip marks and UV and chemical damage while effectively repelling grime, dirt, oil and other surface contaminants. In fact, you will never need to wax or polish your vehicle again.

Not only do our products restore and protect paintwork, they even restore decals and stickers, which is great if you have a commercial fleet or you want to spruce up your RV for your next road trip.

We can restore paintwork on virtually any vehicle, including:

Marine & Boat

With its great weather and stunning coastline, Western Australia is a boat lover’s paradise. However, harsh sun and salty seas can take their toll on your prized possession, quickly fading exterior paint.

We specialise in bringing all kinds of boats back to their former glory. From yachts and leisure craft to wooden vessels and commercial working boats, we have the products and professional know-how to not only bring your boat back to its original colour, but ensure it will stay looking new for a long time to come.

We can fully restore your vehicle or boat’s paintwork at our Boulder Road premises, or our fully trained professionals can work on your vehicle or boat at a location of your choice.

Home and Commercial

In a competitive business world, first impressions count. Keeping your commercial property shipshape can be key to attracting new customers so your business can thrive. If you want to spruce up your property while avoiding the expense of repainting, we offer a range of products and services that will renew and rejuvenate your faded surfaces.

As well as ensuring a lustrous and high-gloss finish, we provide added protection against weathering elements such as UV rays, sand, salt air, mould, algae and industrial fallout. We can even protect your commercial or business property against graffiti.

Our trained professionals can also help you rejuvenate and protect your home, bringing garage doors, awnings and other surfaces back to their original colour.

We offer a number of colour restoration solutions for home and business:

Classic Commercial Restorer – Our Classic commercial restorer offers the very best in surface refurbishing and protective coating technology. Our trained professionals can restore virtually any surface to its original colour, including metal, fiberglass, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. We can even make your signage look like new again. Once the job is done you can rest assured that your property will withstand the harsh Western Australian elements and look great for years to come.

Anti Graffiti Protection – Vandalism and graffiti is a fact of life, especially in urban areas. Our ‘Tag…You’re Out!’ product provides a clear, flexible, high gloss graffiti-proof protective coating while restoring your paintwork to its original colour. It can be easily applied to almost any surface, including painted and clad metals, fiberglass, brick, stucco, tile, vinyl, and stained or painted wood. If you are targeted by graffiti artists, you simply spray the affected area with our ‘Eraser’ product and it will wipe off in seconds.

Vinyl, Canvas & Awning Restorer –  Awnings, by their nature, take a lot of abuse from the elements. Sun, rain, wind and dust can quickly take their toll, making your home or business look a little shabby. We can restore your canvas shades, awnings and vinyl surfaces to look like new again while adding an extra layer of protection to prevent against future damage.

Waterborne Solvent Safe Coating – Our ‘Envirolon’ product is specifically designed to restore and protect your home’s vinyl siding. Our trained professionals can restore faded, weathered or oxidised siding to its original colour while adding an extra layer of protection to ensure that your home will continue looking great years into the future.

If you want to make your vehicle, home or business look like new again with the long-lasting protection you need, our extensive range of products and professional staff will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“I thought I would say thank you and express our amazement of the job your guys did recently on our garage door.Our house in Mount Hawthorn is about 20 years old and has a remote sectional “black” garage door. In the past couple of years the door has really started to fade quite badly. We thought the only choice we had was to have a new door fitted at substantial cost.
A good friend recommended “Clear Renew” to us and we are so glad they did. Your staff were on time, very friendly and very efficient. After a short period of time our garage door looked like new, we were amazed. Being a disbeliever I expected that the shine would not last, but it has now been over 3 months now and it still looks as good as the day it was applied.
I would highly recommend “Clear Renew” to anyone in need of returning something that is faded and tired to looking like new again. My boat is the next project thanks…
Dean King, Mt Hawthorn”

“The difference in the paint job is phenomenal, it looks like a brand new paint job. After an accident – I had to get one fender repaired, re-sprayed and polished – the faded paint on other areas of the car suddenly became even more noticeable… when the Clear-Renew was applied to the faded panels, they matched the brand new paint job on the restored fender. It literally brought the car back to life, I was shocked and really impressed
John Foley – WA”

Marine – My father’s old boat is something very close to my heart and I wanted to restore the boat without taking away the character that I remember. Clear Renew has applied their product and I have to say, what an absolutely amazing finish. It now has its original shine and colour, something I was not expecting without the expense of a total respray. Many Thanks to the team at Clear Renew.
Grant Lilleyman – City Beach, WA”

Automotive – The transformation of our buggy is simply Jaw Dropping. We were hard pressed to convince people it was still our old buggy, let alone the original colour! I never expected the result to be this spectacular.
It truly is a work of magic. We could not be happier. Great service, great price, fantastic result.
Daniel – The Vines, WA”

Automotive – My Black Kia was dull and covered in scratches and stains. I was not interested in getting it fixed as it was going to cost me too much money. I heard about Clear Renew and they gave me a good price to put their product on. I did not realise how bad my car was until I saw when It was finished. My car now looks like new. I am so very happy with the result.
K Patchett – Gnangara, WA”

“Sadleirs Logistics were approached by Clear Renew to trial their product on one of our older prime movers which the colour scheme had faded considerably. We were initially looking at a respray which is a expensive exercise to renew the vehicle. After discussing with the guys at Clear Renew and their commitment to show us the results before and after we agreed to give it ago and the result was exceptional and surprising especially the quality and our drivers were also surprised in the appearance and quality. This now gives our company an additional option moving forward to keep our fleet presented correctly at a less expensive option.
Peter Beach – Sadleirs Logistics, WA”

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